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Africat Attends London's First Wildlife Expo

The World's wildlife is under pressure as never before, and most of this pressure is human-related... man has created it and only mankind can reverse this situation. It is in man's best interest to do so as, without a balance between nature and man's progress, our wilderness will be lost and man will be the loser.

Unless we can find a way to make the world's wildlife a part of the equation, by making it sustainable and perhaps even by making it 'pay its way', then there is little hope. Sitting in our comfortable homes watching our wilderness look spectacular on television is one thing, but being a farmer in India or Africa who struggles to feed his family and have his crops destroyed by elephant or his stock killed by lion, is another. To him it matters not that he built his farm in their habitat – he has to feed his children.

But, if the world's population continues to grow at its current rate, there will be no land for elephants and predators, no forest, no fish in the seas and probably, eventually, no humans – which may, in the long term, be the best bet for the wildlife... as the few who survive will be able to start the evolutionary process all over again.

However, we hope to avoid that bleak scenario, but to do that, the first step must be one of awareness.

The London Wildlife EXPO held in November 2011, did not pretend to have the answers, but all who participated hoped to play their part in finding solutions.

AfriCat was part of this wonderful gathering together with many others with conservation on their minds.

Do not forget to support the 2012 EXPO – it will be a day well-spent.


Article posted: 2011-12-30 06:08:23

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